Citizenship of Turkey:

Turkey is a friendly country, attractive regarding logistics, rich in culture and history, combining European and Asian mentality.


Advantages of Turkish citizenship:

speed of registration, the opportunity of obtaining citizenship in 2-4 months

possible remote registration without leaving the country

the opportunity to sell the investment in 3 years

visa-free travel to more than 110 countries of the world

citizenship is inherited


Options for obtaining Turkish citizenship:


Cost of registration of citizenship of Turkey:

registration of citizenship 25 thousand dollars (for a family)


Advantages and disadvantages of Turkish citizenship:

Benefits of obtaining Turkish citizenship:

you can apply for Turkish citizenship remotely without visiting the country

registration of citizenship is the fastest in Europe, the term for consideration of documents after applying for citizenship is 2-3 months

low cost of living

Turkey does not require documentary proof of the origin of the investment

it is possible to obtain citizenship immediately for the whole family

Disadvantages of Turkish Citizenship:

Turkish passport does not provide an opportunity to stay in the Schengen area,

unstable political environment

Stages of obtaining Turkish citizenship:

Preparatory stage:

Choosing an investment option and providing documents in accordance with the selected option:

when purchasing real estate, extracts and certificates from the department, confirming the compliance of the real estate with the requirements of the Investment Law

regarding investments in government bonds, an extract from the electronic register

a certificate and an extract from a Turkish bank on the availability of a deposit

if the investor has business interests in Turkey and is willing to invest 500 thousand dollars in the company, it is necessary to provide documents confirming the ownership of the company

Dossier preparation stage:

Provide a package of documents for the formation of a dossier:

international passport

civil passport / national ID

no criminal record

documents confirming investment in real estate

Marriage certificate

birth certificate

payment of state fees

copy of the residence permit in Turkey

4 photos

An additional package of documents depends on the individual characteristics of each dossier.

Stage of applying for citizenship:

The completed package of documents is sent to the State Committee on Population. It can be filed in person or through legal representation because of a power of attorney. Working with a professional expert will make it possible to prepare a set of documents in accordance with the law, avoid additional requests and increase the time for reviewing the dossier.

Stage of obtaining a Turkish passport:

After 2-3 months, a decision on granting citizenship is issued. Obtaining a passport is possible remotely.


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