If you make the TOP countries that describes Europe, France will be on the first place. In this country are and the best of neighborhood features and features which make this country is unique present simultaneously.


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The registration of residence permit for the category of seconded employee is through the establishment of representative offices of any firms in France and in a business trip of an employee in the office. This residence permit gives the right to work in this office, and it is issued for 3 years.


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Advantages of obtaining a residence permit in this country are:

However, there are a few disadvantages, which a French residence permit because of registration of the representative office has:

Perhaps the main drawback of the procedure of obtaining a residence permit in France is the bureaucracy inherent in this country. You will be surprised, but local officials are much more picky than in other countries. In their desire to strictly abide by the law and to be as thorough as possible in any smallest formality, they reach insanity. At the same time, they sometimes work a bit erratically, more precisely, inconsistently.

A typical situation: you have collected the thick envelope with the set of all absolutely necessary properly executed certificates and copies, but you return a few times, demanding to add another document, e.g. a confirmation of your residence in France in the form of statement from the doctor. And then you need a French stamp on the notarized translation of the birth certificate or a comprehensive list of vaccinations that was given to your baby. Finally, when, it would seem that additional paperwork is simply impossible to claim, as you have exhausted all options, you can give an entirely different list of documents, finding out some new facts. For example, they learn that some of your distant relative is French or your great-grandfather at that time was under investigation, and nearly ended up in the GULAG. The migration service really checks all your relatives in a few generations, especially if you are in the country illegally, you are refused to extend the right to stay as a refugee due to the absence of a threat, or you simply do not want to extend your residence permit, and you refuse to leave France back. Believe me, they will find reasons to deport you. 


This option of the registration of residence permit is excellent for private entrepreneurs. Its essence is to open a representative office in France.

This method has several significant advantages. The main plus is that in this way a residence permit can be obtained not for 12 months, but for as many as three years. However, you will have the right to carry with you all children under the age of 25, as well as parents over 65 years of age.

 This program is sometimes called a “seconded worker”. It is governed by Article L313-10 5° of the Code on the Rules for the Entry and Stay of Foreigners. To obtain a residence permit in France in this way, the applicant must submit, in addition to the standard list of documents, an employment contract signed with a representative office of the company, as well as a certificate of salary amount. Under French law, your s / n as an employee of a representative office must be at least one and a half times the minimum allowable salary, which now amounts to about 2,200 euros. This is necessary to ensure that the French authorities are confident in your financial security. Consider that with this money during the trimester you will need to pay at least 1500 euros to various social funds.

It is also necessary to provide proof that you have housing. This may be your own accommodation or rented. The procedure for obtaining a residence permit begins directly with the formation of a legal entity in the country. Then a complete package of documents is formed, which subsequently must be transferred to the Immigration Office simultaneously with the submission of a request for a residence permit. Documents will be reviewed first in this institution, and then they will be redirected to the Department of Labor. After both of these authorities make a positive verdict, you will be issued a visa category D, and upon arrival in France you will receive your residence permit in the Immigration Office.

You will be able to apply for registration as a permanent merchant or employee with a residence permit because of the registration, a representative office of a company. The members of your family will have the opportunity to apply for a residence permit under the Family and Private Life program, under which they will also have the right to work in France. The status of your children, spouse and elderly parents will be automatically extended each time along with your own residence permit.






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