Vanuatu. What is Vanuatu?

Vanuatu Island is not among the most popular travel destinations. However, this small country has many features that may be of interest to people involved in tourism, diving and financial investments.

Second citizenship and dual citizenship: differences between the two concepts

Second Citizenship (Second Citizenship) means that a person has passports from different countries. But in this case, his rights and obligations are not recognized by the authorities of these countries....

Immigration to Portugal

Portugal can become a “fallback” because it is one of the most suitable countries to live in the EU in every way.

Permanent residence

For those wishing to go abroad for permanent residence, information on the conditions for obtaining this status in various states will be useful.

Second Citizenship Notice

It is not legally prohibited to possess two or more passports or permanent residence / residence permit statuses.

News about the U.S. Embassy in Russia

Everyone has already heard about the latest news about the US Embassy in Russia. If you have a pending case that will be reviewed by a consulate, or you are getting a visa that will go through the embassy...

Malta Citizenship

A huge number of foreign residents want to obtain citizenship of Malta, since this state is popular for its highly developed economy.

Double citizenship

There are several ways to acquire a second citizenship. Emigration is the most famous and affordable way, which involves crossing the borders of the state in which he lived and entering another state with...

Citizenship Importance of Citizenship

Citizenship is a stable legal relationship between a person and a state, which is expressed by mutual rights and obligations.

Visa b1/b2

The Consulates of America and the Russian Federation will no longer accept visa applications from May 12, 2021.

E-2 visa to the USA

But there is another alternative option for obtaining an American visa, which is more suitable for large businessmen with a large sum of money - obtaining another citizenship.

Residence permit in European countries

There are many options for obtaining a residence permit in Europe. Some are complex, others are simpler.