Best Place to Live

How to determine the best place to live on planet Earth? - from my own experience, with the help of feedback from other cosmopolitans and specialized organizations.

Immigration to Spain

The easiest way to become a Spanish citizen is to obtain a residence permit through investment. With this option, it is possible to move to Spain after 3 months. This will raise the standard of their living...

How Many Citizenships Can You Have

How many citizenships are allowed in Russia is regulated by the 62nd article of the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

Residence permit in Greece. Organization of moving with minimal costs

Greece's program for obtaining a residence permit by investment has existed for 10 years. Throughout this time, all sorts of changes were made to the project. However, the demand for it has not changed;...

Countries' Life Level

Popular publications and reputable organizations annually publish lists and tables of the richest and poorest countries, which include various indicators. Full adjustments are made based on the results...

Concepts Immigration Emigration Terms and Meanings

The concept of "migration", like other similar terms, is often used in the wrong sense. In this article, we will try to understand its possible types and causes of this phenomenon.

Moving to another country for permanent residence. Which one to choose and why?

Thanks to this article, you will understand where to move to live, which countries should be considered, and which should be overlooked, and what is needed in order to get the coveted document.

Which Country to Choose for Life

This article will compare the mental characteristics of the inhabitants of Russia and Europe, help to understand their main differences and similarities, and also see which peoples are closer to Russians...

How to move to Switzerland for permanent residence in Questions and Answers

Switzerland is a country that annually occupies a leading position in the international ranking of states in terms of the standard of living provided.

Visa to the USA after 12.04.2021

The US consulates in Russia stopped accepting applications for issuing visas to America from May 12, 2021.

When to visit the islands of Antigua and Barbuda

The beaches of Antigua and Barbuda are open to visit all year round, since the water temperature does not drop below + 24.

Which Citizenship to Choose? Which Citizenship to Buy?

The questions of Which Citizenship to Choose or Which Citizenship to Buy are very often asked. And sometimes it just becomes a vital necessity.