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We live in the modern world in the time when everyone may choose any place of residence on Earth. Our firm specializes in solutions in this field.

The concept of planning of place of residence and citizenship was developed in 1990s. With the onset of globalization, this issue became more burning among the growing number of internationally mobile businessmen and investors whom we provide assistance to.

Every year hundreds of people rely on our experience and professional skills in selecting a country, registering residence permits or second citizenship. The team of our specialists operate in 7 countries and is always ready to suggest the solution most suiting you and your family.

In selecting a country one is to take into account various factors, e.g. investment requirements and attractiveness of immigration programs, taxation specifics, economical and cultural circumstances and safety. Therefore, before you make a decision, it is very important to consult with specialists who can clarify all details – correctly and in detail.

Our legal services agency

Our agency can provide the best options.

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Our company offers the possibility of remote signing of contracts and execution of documents without personal presence

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Our Company has headquarters in the center of Ljubljana (Slovenia) and the office in the center of Moscow. Also we have our new office in Tallinn, Estonia. You are welcome!

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Consultations for obtaining residence permit, permanent residency and citizenship in Europe.

We understand that you are busy and value your time; so we offer the service of our field advisor – the representative of our Company will meet you in Moscow at any place and time convenient for you, including weekends!

Call us at +7 910 000 7020! We are glad to answer any questions.

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We are waiting for you in the center of Moscow.

Our company occupies one of the charming offices at OBNOVLENIE ARBATA Business Center. You may park your car either on the parking area beside the Center or at the underroof parking garage of LOTTE PLAZA Business Center. SMOLENSKAYA Subway Station is just in 5 minute walk from our office. Specialists of our Moscow office with meeting rooms overlooking Novy Arbat prospect will gladly and professionally answer all your questions on our programs Residence Permit, Permanent Residency, and Citizenship.

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We are waiting for you in the center of Ljubljana.

Our Company occupies one of the top floors at Lev, a five-star hotel, has many departments and employees who sit in beautiful offices overlooking the ancient Ljubljana castle and will be able to provide all answers to your questions concerning our programs.