Realty Saint Kitts & Nevis #15

Share of Hotel
Price: 220 000 USD

Size: 35 m2

Hotel share in Saint Kitts and Nevis


This property in Saint Kitts and Nevis includes five pavilions. Each of these pavilions has two floors. There are forty-four rooms in this Saint Kitts and Nevis property. Each pavilion has four deluxe rooms as well as four deluxe rooms. They have single beds, king-size beds and queen size beds.

Absolutely each of the rooms at this hotel has balconies offering simply magnificent views of Saint Kitts and Nevis, as well as the Caribbean Sea.

Superior suites with patio or balcony

The total area of ​​such a room is six hundred and fifty-five square feet. It consists of a living room, kitchen and patio or balcony. The kitchen is fully equipped. Includes a video disc player and flat-screen TV.

Deluxe rooms with patios or balconies

The total area of ​​such a room is three hundred and eighty square feet. The main distinguishing features of such a number include the following:

Luxurious garden view.
The presence of a coffee maker, kettle and refrigerator in the room.
The presence of two separate beds in the room: a double bed and a large double bed.
Superior deluxe rooms with two separate bedrooms

If you come to the island of Saint Kitts and Nevis with a large, friendly company or family, then it is best to check into such rooms. The total area of ​​such a room is 1,035 square feet. In the living room, you can enjoy watching TV or movies on the flat screen while sitting or lying on the luxurious sofa bed.

Open lofts

These rooms are gorgeous as well as spacious. They offer beautiful views of Mount Nevis, which is one of the main attractions of Saint Kitts and Nevis. The room is divided into four zones: free space, living room, kitchen, dining area. The room has a microwave oven, ceiling fan, radio, hairdryer, wireless Internet, air conditioning, flat screen TV, coffee maker. A baby cot is available upon request.

The main advantages of the hotel and the services it provides

All guests of Saint Kitts and Nevis who decide to stay at this hotel are provided with mobile phones with SIM cards of local mobile operators completely free of charge. Guests of this hotel have the unique opportunity to have breakfast in the open air in a restaurant or bar, swim in the outdoor pool, and visit the gym for free.

How to obtain citizenship of Saint Kitts and Nevis by investing in real estate:


You can apply for the citizenship of the island if you invest in any real estate project that has already received official government approval. This can be a minimum of a condo, a share in hotels, and also a villa. The minimum investment in real estate in accordance with local legislation is two hundred thousand US dollars.

In addition, due diligence and processing fees must be paid when submitting an application. Such fees are non-refundable. The amount of such fees is seven and a half thousand US dollars for the applicant himself and four thousand US dollars for each of the applicant's dependents over sixteen years of age.

If an application for investing money in a real estate object is approved, then in accordance with local legislation, a state fee will be charged. Its amount is thirty-five thousand American dollars for the applicant himself, twenty thousand American dollars for the applicant's spouse, ten thousand American dollars for any of the applicant's dependents

Accelerated procedure for obtaining citizenship (sixty days in advance):


The person concerned must fully meet absolutely all the requirements that are established by the local government. They will also need to provide relevant documentation.

Applications for obtaining citizenship by investment in real estate in this case are considered on an expedited basis.

The state fee for the accelerated citizenship procedure (sixty days) will be twenty-five thousand US dollars for the applicant himself, twenty thousand US dollars for any dependent on the applicant who has reached the age of sixteen.

The main distinguishing features of the procedure for obtaining citizenship:


The main distinguishing features of the procedure for obtaining citizenship include the following:

The issuance of an identity card is carried out a maximum of ten days;
The maximum processing time for an application is ten months;
There is no global income tax;
There is a possibility of registration of children who are in care, and whose age is no more than thirty years, as well as parents who have reached fifty-five years of age;
There are absolutely no educational requirements;
It is not at all necessary to live on the island;
No need for an interview;
You can apply for citizenship remotely;
What citizenship gives:

Having the citizenship of this country, a person gets to freely enter the country, as well as live on its territory. At the same time, he receives a comprehensive set of rights that this state grants to its population. There are also excellent opportunities for doing business on the island because the tax rate will be reduced. Businessmen with the citizenship of the island have the opportunity to open an account with foreign banking organizations. In addition, a person who has the appropriate citizenship can easily obtain a visa to the United States of America for a period of ten years.

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