Realty Antigua & Barbuda #48

Harbor Island Residences
Price: 220 000 USD

Size: 30 m2

Purchase of a piece of real estate to obtain citizenship of Barbuda and Antigua.

One chance to escape to the Caribbean

On the site of the beautiful resort village of Jolly Harbor on the postcard there are brand new, beautifully furnished and ready for permanent use country house, this is our proposal. In our homes, you can enjoy expansive views of the water sources and just a great view of the lush hills covered with fragrant grass. A country house is a great corner to be with yourself or have a good time with your family, to relax during the weekend, recently married, rest with friends, a lonely traveler.

Better attitude towards guests

Convenience for our visitors in Barbuda and Antigua is one of the most important and paramount tasks, and after you visit us at Harbor Island Residences, you can feel calm and peace.

Close proximity to the coast

About five minutes walk from Antigua and Barbuda real estate and you will have access to 365 beaches on the island, yes, we have exactly that many places to stay. There is also an unexplored coast in the Jolly Harbor area called Jolly Beach with a length of 1.5 km.

The best restaurants close

A wide range of elegant, beachfront and casual dining options where you can sip your favorite cocktail while gazing at the setting sun on the island.

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