The passport of Saint Lucia. What does the citizenship of St Lucia give

Everyone, who once was in paradise island, which is located in the Caribbean, with mountains, long beaches and the most beautiful jungles, wish to comeback there again.

Saint Lucia - the citizenship for investments. Myth or reality?

Almost every country in the world manufactures and exports different products, goods, resources and governments of countries try to attract foreign investments.

How to obtain the citizenship of Saint Lucia for investments?

In the heart of the most picturesque Lesser Antilles, which are washed by the waters of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, the small island of Saint Lucia is comfortably situated.

The citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda for russians | VNZ.SU

Getting a second passport is a urgent issue for many Russian citizens. Most often, residents of the post-Soviet space choose Caribbean states and, in particular, Antigua and Barbuda, as a country for issuing...

What does the citizenship of Vanuatu give for russians, how to get it

Among the popular citizenship programs for investment, the Vanuatu program rank a special place: in addition to the minimum terms for granting citizen status and the small amount of investments, this small...

The programs of citizenship - understanding of origin tendencies

Caribbean countries together with some European states still are in the first line of economic citizenship.

How to obtain the citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda

The program of granting citizenship to Antigua and Barbuda for investments began to operate relatively recently, but during its existence, it could become a rather popular option for obtaining a second...

How to obtain the citizenship of Vanuatu for bitcoins or investments

In modern conditions, the registration of a second passport is an urgent task for many citizens. Among the most demanded programs, a special place belongs to the Vanuatu program: this small state belonging...

How can obtain the citizenship of Grenada

In modern conditions, many citizens are thinking about getting a second passport. It is an open secret that having a second citizenship allows you to be confident in the future and to be able at any time...

Economic citizenship of Grenada - testimonials, the process

The program of obtaining citizenship for investment offered by Grenada is by far one of the most sought after options among Caribbean countries.

The citizenship of Dominica: advantages and how to obtain it

Registration of a second passport is a urgent issue for citizens of a large number of countries. The most popular programs of economic citizenship are traditionally considered to be proposals from the...

What does the passport of Dominica give for investments

Among the countries of the Caribbean region, the Commonwealth of Dominica is favorably distinguished by the presence of an attractive citizenship program, which began its operation in the early 1990s....