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Why choose business immigration to Europe?

Doing business in the EU has more prospects:

The state provides tax incentives for businesses;
Loans on favorable terms;
The level of corruption is comparatively lower;
Low taxes in a number of countries;
The opportunity to have a company in Europe and live elsewhere.

What are the requirements for immigrants for Business Emigration to Europe?

For business emigration to Europe, the rules differ depending on the country, however, there are a number of main points that must be met in order to register a company and obtain a residence permit:

Legal source of income;
Authorized capital;
No criminal record, no entry bans and no scandals related to your reputation;
Creation of jobs for citizens of the country where the business is opened;
The state must be interested in running your business;

Business Immigration is possible to any country of the European Union?

Almost all countries provide such an opportunity, however, the conditions of some states are difficult to fulfill, will take a lot of time and money, because of which the possible benefit may decrease in relation to the funds spent.

Will I get permanent residence status with Business Immigration to Europe?

When immigrating to Europe, no country offers permanent residence status for registering a company: this will take a long way - 3, 5, 7 and more years of residence in the country and successful business.

How many days do you need to stay in the country under the terms of Business Immigration to Europe programs?

Most European Union states require business immigrants to stay in the country for at least 6 months a year to obtain a residence permit.

With Business Emigration to Europe, will my family be able to obtain a residence permit?

A frequently practiced option is to jointly become a co-founder with a spouse or independently open a company, and then apply for emigration to Europe for loved ones under the family reunification program.

How big is the risk of failure in Business Immigration processes?

Practice shows that the higher the standard of living in the country, the more often they refuse to enter the business of emigration.

Need to learn the language of the country to which you are leaving for the business immigration program?

Not always. In Germany, knowledge of German is necessary, but knowledge of French is not necessary in France.

Is emigration to Europe possible if you create a company 'on paper'?

It will not work to open an inactive company in Europe under the business immigration program, since the state is interested in investments and paying taxes, but only for opening a legal entity a residence permit is not issued. Since the beginning of the 2000s, most EU countries have stopped extending residence permits to foreigners due to the zero balance of their companies.

Which countries are best suited for business immigration?

Sweden, Italy, Denmark, Portugal, Germany, Spain, Great Britain, Norway are very attractive countries for opening a company. However, the chance to get a residence permit is small: even with a sufficient amount of funds and a strong desire, you may be refused. Among the countries with loyal conditions, it is worth highlighting:


What is the process of Business Immigration to Croatia?

The Croatian government is fully interested in business migrants, therefore it offers one of the most favorable conditions in the EU. If you already have a company in Russia, then it will take no more than a month to open its representative office in Croatia. At the same time, the authorized capital does not matter, there is no need to pay taxes and provide accounting reports. This country is definitely worth considering for immigration to Europe.

However, if you want to start a company from scratch in Croatia, you will have to fulfill a number of conditions:

The authorized capital should be approximately 25 thousand euros;
Creation of at least 3 jobs for Croatian citizens;
From the documents, you will need a certificate on the contribution of the authorized capital, information about your company, as well as a detailed business plan.

After completing all the documents and registering the company, you will receive a residence permit for a period of 1 year. Further, in order to extend it, your company must be profitable, regularly pay taxes and provide accounting reports.

What is the option of Business Immigration in Slovenia?

Business emigration to Slovenia is one of the easiest, and after 5 years you will be able to get permanent residence. When registering or creating a new company, your authorized capital must be at least 7500 euros, and you can spend it for any purpose related to your business. Company registration takes approximately 10-30 days. After, as in most cases of business emigration to Europe, you will receive a residence permit for 1 year, after 5 - permanent residence, and after 10 you will become a citizen of Slovenia. However, such an alignment is possible only with the active work of your company and constant profit or investment in fixed assets of the company.

Can you describe the option of Business Immigration to Hungary?

In Hungary, as in Croatia, you can open a representative office of an already existing Russian company without the authorized capital, taxation and financial reporting, this can be done in 30 days.

For a new company, the authorized capital is only 2,000 euros, and if there are more than one founders, then this amount can be divided in half and the remaining part can be paid no later than in a year. A residence permit is issued for 1 year and is extended for 3 years, after which you have the right to receive permanent residence, and after another 5 - a Hungarian passport.

Can you suggest an option for Business Immigration to France?

France is one of the best countries for business immigration to Europe, as it is very loyal to the registration of your company's representative office in the country and will not require you to have authorized capital and financial statements, nevertheless, taxes are present. A residence permit is issued within 45 days and is valid for 1 year with the right to renew, after 5 years you can apply for permanent residence.

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