UK Residence Permit - British Citizenship

3 options to get a residence permit in the UK today:

Great Britain is the cultural and economic center of Europe. This country has the best and highest living standards in the world.


#1 Talent Visa


  • no knowledge of the language required
  • processing time up to 6 months

Registration cost:

  • £10,000 main applicant;
  • £10,000 portfolio preparation.

Attention: an ordinary “economist” cannot pass this program, you need grounds to start the formation of a dossier.


#2 Employment in England

Employment in companies with a work permit:

Registration cost:

  • £300,000 for 5 years;
  • £10,000 for the first residence permit, family reunification and all status renewals for the entire period.

Requirements and conditions:

  • Residence permit in England for 5 years. After 5 years, you get permanent residence and immediately apply for a passport. After 1 year you get a passport.
  • You receive a salary of 2000 pounds per month. Family reunification does not require a salary increase. The wife gets the right to work.
  • Knowledge of the B1 language is required (it is quite possible to prepare if you speak at least a little English).
  • A small percentage stake in a company in which the applicant has invested £300,000. Of the £300,000 contributed, £125,000 is returned over 5 years in the form of a salary, the rest is payroll taxes, basic social benefits and the interest of the company who hires you.
  • The client receives 2-5% of the company in which he invests this £300,000.


#3 Visa innovator

Registration cost:

  • £10,000 preparation of a business plan;
  • £10,000 obtaining a residence permit;
  • 36 000 for 3 years (1000 per month) mentoring to support the residence permit.

Requirements and conditions:

  • £50,000 available in a bank account.
  • Salaries may not be charged, taxes may not be paid, but it is necessary to show activity.
  • After 3 years you can get permanent residence, 6 years a passport.
  • Language proficiency requirements B2.
  • Applications under this program can be considered up to 6 months.

United Kingdom

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