Great Britain - a cultural and economic center of Europe. In this country, the best and highest standards of living in the world.

Advantages of residence permit in the UK

Advantages of residence permit in the UK:

  • the possibility of permanent residence in the country;
  • the highest standards of education, many public and private educational institutions, more than 150 universities and higher education institutions;
  • one of the best medicine in the world;
  • the ability to conduct business in the financial center of Europe;
  • comfortable tax regime for investors;
  •  it applies to open accounts without limitation.

Options residence permit in the UK

Options residence permit in the UK:

The applicant must invest at least 75% of that amount in British government bonds, share or loan capital of organizations, which are registered in the UK. 25% need to invest in assets, deposit funds in financial institutions.

The costs of residence permit in the UK

The costs of residence permit in the UK:

  • from 2 million pounds - contribution to the UK economy;
  • from 10 thousand pounds - support.

England is considered as the business center of Europe and the European Union. Major financial flows are here, so the standard of living is much higher than geographic neighbors have, and citizens are confidence in social security and future.

The country is visited annually by millions of tourists from around the world. Increases the flow of migrants, which does not stop the fact that a residence permit in the UK is a complicated matter. For people whose income can be considered high, a special program Tier 1 Investor, which involves a major investment in the country's economy.

Put it simply, if you are ready to invest 2,000 000 British pounds in government bonds or registered in the territory of Albion enterprise, so you can be issued a three-year visa for you and your family members for 2 months.


Investor program offers to obtain a residence permit in the UK for 8 – 12 weeks. It is the best option for wealthy people who want to have permission to stay in this country.

A significant financial investment of migrant-investor in the British economy is beneficial to both parties. A favorable investment climate attracts business people transparent conditions of cooperation and the opportunity to study, live and work in one of the most developed countries of the world.

The format of the invested capital: not necessarily to have a great experience doing business, to obtain a residence permit in the UK. It is enough to have large sums (from 2 to 10 million pounds), the origin of which may be different – inheritance, prize, gift etc.

A significant number of investments:

  • 2 million pounds: these funds guarantee the obtaining of investor visas for a period of 3 years; then, if all program conditions are met, the visa is extended for 2 years. After 5 years, you can apply for permanent residence, after 12 months – to obtain a new passport.
  • 5 million pounds: these investments will allow you to move to the country for permanent residence after 3 years, to get citizenship after 5 years spent in the country.
  • 10 million pounds: it is possible to qualify for permanent residence after 2 years, after a year for citizenship.


IMPORTANT! All 3 options of investment for obtaining a residence permit in the UK, the term of approval is on average 2 months.

The format of the investment: visa program Tier 1 Investor assumes that foreign citizens can invest money in specific segments of the economy:

  • government bonds;
  • securities Bank of UK;
  • state funds;
  • shares of English companies and enterprises.

IMPORTANT! In 2014 passed a law under which the sum invested by the applicant cannot be borrowed. It must be personal funds lying in a Bank account at least 12 weeks before applying for a visa.

Buying property: the purchase of estates, houses, castles is not considered as an investment and cannot be the basis for obtaining a residence permit in the UK under the Tier 1 program.

Location of funds: in the country or abroad. If the investment amount is not in English currency (pound sterling), the applicant when applying for a residence permit indicates the amount in pounds sterling at the exchange rate on the day of the questionnaire.

Age of applicants: 18 years or older.

Family members: according to the program "Investor" the applicant and spouse, applicant and children under the age of 18 years have the right to receive a residence permit in the UK. We note in particular that the parents of the applicant do not get in the category of dependent persons.

IMPORTANT! In England, not a registered partnership (civil marriage) is officially recognized.

Language skills: fluent English is not required; the program does not involve the language test.

Dual citizenship: when get a passport of a citizen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland after 5 or 6 years of stay in the country (depending on the previously designated amounts of investments) does not need to give up native citizenship.

Other benefits of the program for foreign investors:

  • after obtaining the Citizenship of Great Britain, you can visit 174 countries (including Schengen area and the EU) without a visa;
  • special tax regime for residents who don’t live permanently in England: taxes will be taxed only the income from English sources and those that are imported;
  • quick visa (maximum 3 months) in comparison with other countries (e.g. Canada, where the consideration may be delayed for 2 years).
  • The deadlines for permanent residence on the territory of the country. To participate in the program, you must be in the UK for at least 180 days a year. You can absent no more than 90 consecutive days.


To obtain permission to enter the country under the program "Investor" an applicant must meet certain requirements:

  • age – 18 years or older;
  • convictions – no;
  • from 2015 – need to have an investment account in the UK (to apply for a residence permit);
  • the opportunity to invest a minimum of 2 million pounds, within 3 months from the date of entry or date of obtaining visa (if it was issued in England);

IMPORTANT! The invested funds must be in circulation for 5 years.

For documents, you will need:

  • a statement from the main applicant (served in the English Embassy in the country of residence);
  • 2 passports – foreign and domestic;
  • color photos – 3 pieces;
  • certificate confirming absence of criminal record;
  • documents about accounts amounting to the terms of the program;
  • certificate of health (the absence of tuberculosis).

To take biometric data (fingerprints, photos) all applicants (main applicant, spouse and children) need to go to the Embassy.

Possible causes of refusal to issue a visa:

  • at the British Embassy, there is evidence that the applicant can’t control cash;
  • illegal way of acquiring the funds.


 High-value migrants may obtain the following types of visas: visas of investor and entrepreneur. There are subtypes of Tier-1 visas. This is "Exceptional talent", issued to creative people operating in the fields of art and science, and visas of graduates-entrepreneurs.

The visa of investor

Thanks to the investor visa, you can live and work in the country. Tier 1 Investor has a point system, so to gain a visa, you need to have 75 points. Showing your funds (2 million pounds) and your willingness to invest in the economy of the country, you will get it.

There are conditions regarding the funds:

  • it should be on the account in UK Bank;
  • unlimited disposal of the money;
  • you should invest it in the business for three months from the moment you got a visa.

You need to invest this two million pounds in government bonds of the country, or it can be given in loan to a company that conducts business. Or you may purchase shares of the company registered in the United Kingdom. It must be noted, that the company, where to invest, should not work in real estate. This includes not only building, but management of facilities.

Using investor’s visa you can live in the country three years and four months, then you can extend Tier 1 Investor for 2 years. With this visa, you can study and work in the United Kingdom. When a person living in the UK and have the investor’s visa, will have been stayed in the country for five years, it should apply for permanent residence. A year later, you can submit an application to the relevant authorities on citizenship.

Tier 1 Investor has some limitations. It is impossible to associate your activity with professional sports and coaching. Medical profession and the application for financial assistance to the state are also banned. If your investment's amount is five million pounds, permanent residence in the United Kingdom can be obtained for 3 years, and if 10 – 2.

Entrepreneur’s visa

This type of visa for a residence permit in the United Kingdom Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) allows establishing the own business in the country. Here are also the points system, you need to have 95 points.

Gives the amount of £200 thousand or £50 thousand received from venture capital company, the state or any Fund. Gives 25 points. 25 points is given for the fact that the money is in the Bank of the country.

If you can dispose your money personally, gives 25 points. And 10 points you can get if you know English to known standards. If you passed the language exam not less than four points.

The examination on knowledge of language of the country is passed according to the system of CERF. If you graduated from an institution in the UK, it is not necessary to pass the exam.

To get the remaining 10 points, you need to have a contribution of 3100 pounds, which provides living in the country. They should be on the account the last 90 days before the application for the visa. If you are already in the country, it is enough to 900 pounds.

When entrepreneur’s visa is obtained, it is necessary to obtain the registration of an individual businessman or a Director of the company for six months. All of these documents work in the Tax Service of Her Majesty. By undertaking to create two jobs for residents, you provide these people with work for 30 hours a week, no less.

When you extend the visa of the entrepreneur, it is necessary to prove that the residents of the country worked in your company all last year. Still need to show documents that 200 thousand pounds was invested in the expansion of your business (or 50  thousand pounds are borrowed). An important note:  the investment does not include amounts that you have spent on your property. Also, it is possible to use these funds in a team of two entrepreneurs.

Visa of graduate-entrepreneur

Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur or visa of graduate-entrepreneur particularly will interest those who are studying in the UK and intend to stay here forever or for a long time. Under the new rules, graduates can seek work in the country for two years.

To get the visa of graduate-entrepreneur, you must have:

  • degree not below the bachelor of the local educational institution;
  • approval on business development;
  • financial viability, which you must confirm.

When you get the visa of graduate-entrepreneur, but you ate not in the country, not less than £1890 should be on account at a local financial institution. If you are already in the country – at least 945 pounds. This visa is issued for one year; it can be extended for another year. It is necessary to establish in the country strongly.

It is important to emphasize that to obtain this a visa do not need to invest a mandatory 50 thousand pounds, how it was recently. What is more attractive is the fact that with this visa you can easily get a work visa without leaving the country.

* The program is currently suspended

Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

What are the benefits of a Tier 1 Investor in the UK?

The procedure for applying for a Tier 1 UK visa is a matter that involves the availability of impressive funds that, through certain transactions, are poured into the general economy of the state. People who carry out such subsidies receive a sufficient number of benefits in terms of immigration. For example:

· Investors can transport their family members to the UK: spouses or several children under the age of majority;
· Investors who obtain British citizenship through the introduction of material subsidies do not have to take exams on the knowledge of the language and cultural characteristics of the local population;
· Investors applying for a residence permit in the UK receive complete freedom of activity in the country - they can do business, study at universities or just have a rest;
· People who obtain British citizenship by investment, six months after the issuance of a passport, can become participants in the program to optimize the taxes paid.

Where do you need to invest to get a Tier 1 Investor visa in the UK?

In the past, the legislation of the United Kingdom, took into account the most simple and straightforward scheme for making investment payments. Then everyone who wanted to get a UK residence permit could purchase government bonds, or invest in the purchase of English real estate.

Today, under the concept of investment, from the side of the law of the United Kingdom, it is customary to understand the process of making subsidized contributions to the capital of companies originally registered in the UK. The only exceptions are organizations operating in areas related to construction, as well as the management and sale of real estate.

How much money do you need to invest in the UK economy to obtain a Tier 1 Investor Visa?

Today, in British law, the amount of investment that opens up access to a Tier 1 UK visa is clearly spelled out. According to current regulations, all applicants must make an endowment donation of two million pounds sterling.

However, in the legislation of England, the factor of depositing money is also spelled out, the material equivalent is many times greater than the regulated values. People who make such investment donations receive the rights to the fastest possible registration of the status of a resident and citizen of the United Kingdom.

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