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The combined size of 442 sq. km and population of over 80,000 people, make Antigua and Barbuda the 9th largest country by size in the Caribbean. This economic citizenship program facilitates you and your family’s comfort of visa-free travel to more than 100 countries.


  • opportunity to get dual citizenship;
  • no need to live in the state permanently;
  • no tax on world income;
  • it is enough to be in the country for 5 days in 5 years;
  • no need to pass an interview, no requirements for education or experience of a manager;
  • visa-free travel with 150 countries, including the Schengen zone, the UK and Hong Kong;
  • quick citizenship in 3 months, including for children up to 29 years old;
  • citizenship, including for dependent parents who are over 58 years old and who live with the applicant;
  • citizenship, including for physically or mentally challenged children and / or parents;
  • obtaining a passport of Antigua and Barbuda within a month after the investment;
  • great country to live.


National Development Contribution or charitable donation
High net worth individuals may choose to make a monetary contribution of US$ 100,000 to the National Development Fund or an approved charity.
Real estate investment
The property purchased must equal a minimum of US$ 200,000 in a pre-approved real estate development area. The investment must be maintained for a minimum of 5 years. Property registration, processing fees and taxes must be paid in addition to the property purchase.
Callaloo Cay
Callaloo Cay is a unique luxury multi-resort project, developed in partnership with the government by an international team of world class developers and investors such as Arton. This exclusive resort sits on 36 acres of prime beach-front and will offer first class facilities that cater to discerning clients. Under the Redeemable Preferred Share Offer offered by the resort, investors renounce the capital appreciation in exchange for a guaranteed return on investment after the mandatory 5 year “hold” period.
Establish business
An applicant may invest US$ 1,500,000 to establish a business and qualify to apply for citizenship. Two or more applicants can make a joint business investment where the individual threshold must equal a minimum of US$ 400,000 and the total investment must equal a minimum of US$ 5,000,000.


- National Development Fund:
  • 25 thousand dollars - up to 4 candidates;
  • 15 thousand dollars - each additional candidate
- the property:
  • 50 thousand dollars - up to 4 candidates;
  • 15 thousand dollars - each additional candidate


  • 7.5 thousand dollars - the main candidate with the spouse / spouse;
  • 4.0 thousand dollars - 1 dependent 18 -28 years;
  • 2 thousand dollars - 1 dependent 12 -17 years.


Program maintenance - 25 thousand dollars.


This amazing country is a beautiful sea and clear azure water, tropics and white beaches. For all who wish to become a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda, several options have been proposed for obtaining dual citizenship.
  • living in the lap of unique nature, pleasant climate and various leisure activities;
  • you can have two passports at the same time - Antigua and Barbuda and Russia;
  • a loyal tax system that does not require to pay taxes on income and real estate received outside the country;
  • visa-free regime for entry into most of the world’s countries, including Schengen countries;
  • compliance with investor privacy policy;
  • the possibility of obtaining a quality higher education.
  • investors must be in Antigua and Barbuda for at least 5 days during the first five years.


The procedure for obtaining citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda begins with the collection of documents. For an accredited agent with whom a contract for the provision of mediation services is concluded, you need to prepare a case:
  • internal and external passports;
  • residence permit in another country (if available);
  • certificates of birth, marriage status or divorce, availability of education;
  • driver's license;
  • military record card;
  • a health certificate with an HIV test result;
  • certificate of no criminal record and legal proceedings in other countries;
  • bank statement and bank reference letter;
  • proof of legal source of funds;
  • other documents confirming impeccable business and personal reputation.
It is better to entrust the translation of documents and legalize their copies through an immigration intermediary. He will also advise how to correctly fill in the questionnaire, where to go for a medical examination and get a medical report.
Immediate process
Usually one week is enough to collect the documents. Then the amount of investment is transferred to the escrow account. The agent then submits the documents to the government of Antigua and Barbuda. The presence of an applicant for citizenship is not required.
For two to four months, the trustworthiness of a person and the legality of his funds are studied. If there are no complaints, the result is a positive decision and a certificate of naturalization is issued.
The passport itself can be obtained in two or three days after that.
With the help of a licensed agent who we are, passing the procedure for obtaining citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda is not difficult. We control the correctness of the compilation of certificates, the availability of all necessary documents, translate and apostille them.
Validity of citizenship is not limited and is inherited, but every five years the passport should be prolonged.


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The original state with an exotic name is located in the northeastern Caribbean. Geographically, Antigua and Barbuda occupies 3 islands, among which Antigua is considered the largest, and Redonda is the smallest. You can reach them by air and water, because there is a small airport and a pier. The flight from island to island by plane takes 20 minutes, and by ferry - 1.5 hours.
The state with the capital St. John’s is small in terms of population (about 87,000 people, 31,000 of them live in the capital). The airport is in eight kilometers from the city. It’s impossible to get there directly from Russia.
From Moscow to Antigua and Barbuda, they travel by British Airways (transfer in London), as well as direct flights from Lufthansa-Condor (via Frankfurt).
The cheapest ticket price was offered by Aeroflot (approximate price is 43,470 rubles). The fastest flight from Moscow lasts 14 hours.
The direction Moscow - Antigua and Barbuda is served by international airports Sheremetyevo, Domodedovo.
From Almaty, the cheapest ticket costs around $ 1,176 one way and about $ 1945 round trip. The distance from Almaty is 12094 km, and the time difference is 10 hours.
From Astana, the estimated flight time is 10 hours and 58 minutes. Depending on the time of purchase, the cost of tickets varies by more than 24%!
The flight with two transfers on the flight Astana - Budapest - London - Antigua lasts about 48 hours and 20 minutes. Ticket price fluctuates around 61679 rubles.
Departure from Kiev is carried out from the airport Borispol. Tickets are sold with one or two transfers at a price of about UAH 197035. The minimum flight time is 1d 7h 15 min.
The price of an economy class ticket per passenger from Minsk is 157713 rub. (one way). Flight duration: UIA - 51h 50min, Aeroflot - 30h, LOT - 50h 35 min.


  • Pineapple Beach Club
Excellent hotel on the Antigua island, working on the principle of "allinclusive". Visitors are expected here: a fitness center, a swimming pool, a spa, three excellent restaurants, four bars, two outdoor pools, a center for practicing water disciplines, beautiful beaches of white sand. Whatever type of holiday you choose, you will not be disappointed!
For those who arrived by car, offered free parking. The hotel has a private beach.
This hotel is a real find for those who prefer an active pastime! There are four tennis courts and a fitness room. Visitors can go windsurfing, kayaking, diving, snorkeling, yachting, sailing, water skiing. For visitors, horseback riding, cycling trips are organized.
This is a great place for a romantic vacations. They hold luxurious weddings, celebrate honeymoons and anniversaries.
  Price per night - from 17000 R.
  • Exclusive resort Rosewood Jumby Bay 5 *
It has only 50 rooms. Some of them are luxury villas with private pools. Building the hotel, the owners pursued the goal to preserve the natural landscape of the island, so there are many palm trees and jungles. An old mansion of a planter was restored on the territory of the hotel. It is the last reminder of colonial times.
Many species of birds nest on the territory (here you can also find a rare blue pelican). Sea turtles live on the cleanest beaches.
Guests of the hotel can taste Asian, Mediterranean, European cuisine here in two restaurants located on the territory. Sports lovers will enjoy the fitness center, massage services, swimming pool, 3 tennis courts.
Room price per night - from 69 000 R.
  • Carlisle Bay 5 *
The highlight of this exclusive hotel-resort lies in the harmonious combination of exotic nature and ultra-modern European design. The rooms here are very spacious, and they were designed by the famous London designer Mary Fox Linton. From the windows you can see the Caribbean sea. Around the building is a tropical garden. With the onset of darkness, he is fabulously transformed, because there is a special lighting in the garden.
One of the trump cards of the restaurant is an exquisite and very diverse cuisine. For guests there is an opportunity to do yoga, deep-sea fishing, diving, sailing, kite surfing.
Price per room per night - 35 497 R.
  • Nonsuch Bay Resort - All Inclusive
The hotel is in St. Phillips. It is located among beautiful tropical gardens. It attracts those who combine active rest with a beach holiday. Those who are tired of just lying in the sun are offered sailing lessons, kayaking and kitesurfing. Lovers of unusual and exciting species are offered a trip to the Green Island reef.
Design of rooms in the colonial style and everyone likes it! All rooms have French windows, iPod docking station, patio, and TV. The restaurant at the Bay at Nonsuch you can eat. It offers buffet, Asian, Caribbean and multinational cuisine. Refreshing drinks and snacks are offered in the club lounge.
Price per room per night - 29 000 R.


St. Johns is the capital of a country with a colonial past, from which only historical monuments remain today. The descendants of the slaves who were brought here from Africa once make up the bulk of the population that speaks English.
The modern city of St. Johns is a great resort area, which is ideal for family and youth rest. Every year a large number of lovers of exotic and beach holidays rushes here.
There are a huge number of restaurants, bars, cafes in the capital, a menu which is ready to meet the needs of the most demanding gourmets. Special demand: Pepperz N 'Lime Café, Ocean Cafe Café, C & C Wine Bar Restaurant. The Larder is a terrific restaurant where you can have a great time with friends. You will find a great atmosphere, elite drinks and live music! The list of cozy indoor and outdoor catering facilities can be continued for a long time, but it is better to see and try once., a menu which is ready to meet the needs of the most demanding and demanding gourmets. Special demand: Pepperz N 'Lime Café, Ocean Cafe Café, C & C Wine Bar Restaurant. The Larder is a terrific restaurant where you can have a great time with friends. You will find a great atmosphere, elite drinks and live music! The list of cozy indoor and outdoor catering facilities can be continued for a long time, but it is better to see and try once.
Entertainment and rest
Anyone who arrives in St. Johns at the end of July and the beginning of August will surely be able to see the carnival, where circus actors, lovers of folk dances, folklore performers take part. Also ordinary people supporting a bright, unforgettable entertainment procession! Live music clubs in reggae, jazz and calypso styles are particularly popular with the local population and among the guests of the capital.
Fans of nightlife can spend their time at nightclubs. There is  a huge amount of clubs in the vicinity of the capital. Beach lovers can enjoy the beaches of Ranway Bay and Dickenson Bay, located on the shores of the picturesque bays near the capital.
Here you can go windsurfing, kayaking or diving. Those who interested can go on a journey with a stop in the bay, where you can swim in the company of dolphins. Gambling fans can also spend their time here. You can try your luck and hit the jackpot not only in casinos of the city, but also in hotels, where there are gambling establishments too.

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