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Why is it better to choose this country to live and get a residence permit in Germany?

Residence permit in Germany is extremely popular today. The country is in the top 10 countries with one of the strongest economies in the world. But living in this wonderful place itself allows you to feel the most real stability, as well as confidence in the next day.

What are the advantages of a German residence permit?

A residence permit in Germany can be obtained by a wide variety of citizens of other states. Such a solution has the following important advantages:

  • Highest level of education, medical services and local social security;
  • Huge opportunities for highly professional migration;
  • Highest indicators of living standards;
  • Germany has one of the strongest economies in the world;
  • High quality services and the best products.
What are the disadvantages of a German residence permit?

Naturally, as always, it also does not do without the presence of certain shortcomings. First of all, we are talking about the following shortcomings:

  • The most complicated process of obtaining a residence permit;
  • In most situations, you cannot do without passing an exam to confirm a good knowledge of a language such as German;
  • Willingness to adapt to the local mentality.
How to get a residence permit in Germany without unnecessary problems?

A residence permit can be issued by various foreign citizens. You can choose any suitable option. The simplest types are:

  • Independence of the applicant's financial position. This status implies the presence of passive income. It is necessary to have a sufficient amount of money to ensure a financially independent life. A person must have money to give up work;
  • Business migration. A citizen of a foreign state, here must prove that the planned activity has certain prospects. It is also necessary to confirm the equity capital so that the presented project can be implemented. You cannot do without providing a financial as well as a business plan;
  • Work migration. In this situation, it is necessary for the employer to provide evidence of why a specific job cannot be performed by a citizen from Germany itself. You cannot do without obtaining the appropriate permits;
  • A student's appearance. In this case, it is necessary to provide documents confirming the fact of admission to an educational state institution.

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