Registration at the consulate for submission is possible this month!

If any contest has to choose a country worthy to represent the whole Europe, then France will win due to overwhelming superiority. Both the best features of its neighbors and the peculiarities making this country truly unique get along well in an incomprehensible way.



  • national residence permit for 30-60 days;
  • it is possible to include dependent children not over 25 years old and parents older than 65 years;
  • there are no conditions of residence;
  • no need to come to France to apply;
  • it is possible to live in Europe all year round;
  • no need to issue and maintain the firm;
  • no monthly expenses;
  • it is possible to obtain a residence permit on the territory of France within a period not exceeding 30 days;
  • the opportunity to apply for permanent residency after 5-year period.



Registration is carried out on the basis of evidence of financial independence of the person. This residence permit gives the right to live in France and/or in the Schengen zone, without the right to work.


  • Process support - €9.5 thousand; or
  • Option "All Inclusive" - ​​€29.5 thousand.



  • Preparation of documents – 2 weeks
  • Getting a national residence permit type D – 30-60 days
  • Registration at the consulate for submission is possible this month!
  • Obtaining a European residence permit – 45 days


  • a copy of the external passport (all pages);
  • copy of passport (all pages);
  • help pit-2;
  • state diploma of higher education;
  • a document from the IRS with confirmation that the debts do not exist;
  • if you have children, the certificate of their birth;
  • the certificate of registration of marriage;
  • certificate from Russian banks – €30 thousand euros;
  • colored photo 3,5x4,5 cm – 3 pc.;
  • certificate of no criminal record in French;
  • documents tenancy.

For children to enroll in school:

  • from 6-12 years old – presence of a parent
  • from 12 to 18 years – the child and the parent

France is a European country with many opportunities. A large number of people in Russia dream not only to go there on vacation, but also to move to a permanent place of residence. This is not so easy to implement, but chances are given. The experience of our compatriots who have already moved to the country inspires optimism. In addition, all of them before receiving citizenship received a residence permit.


Submission of documents for French citizenship is possible after five years of residence in the country, before this issue a temporary residence permit. A residence permit is a liner in the passport, equipped with a special digital device. Most often issued for a period of one year, extended several times. All conditions for its granting are spelled out in the migration legislation of France. A residence permit allows foreigners temporarily, legally, to reside in the country in the status of "guest".

It is required to comply with some important conditions for obtaining a residence permit:

To have housing in France. Not necessarily your own, allowed to rent, for a period of not less than a year.

An applicant for residence in this country must be solvent. In France in 2018, the average wage per month is 1,445 euros. You will have to provide an evidence base that you are financially secure.

Russia is not part of the European Union, so our citizens are allowed to enter France with a visa. Several types of these documents entitle you to obtain a residence permit:

  • The most difficult to obtain a working visa. Issued upon concluding an employment contract with the employer.
  • For those wishing to invest in the economy of France for at least 1 000 000 euros provided investment visa.
  • Business visa is issued to entrepreneurs, the purpose of which negotiations to conduct business.
  • For students to study in institutions of higher education of France issued a student visa.
  • After arriving in the country on a long-term visa, a foreigner can apply for residence permit, which is also divided by types.
  • For representatives of big business and wealthy citizens simply fit these types of permit: for financially independent citizens, and through registration of a representative office of the company.
  • Remaining applicants may consider: family reunification, for students and pensioners.

If you compare the rights of people living in France for a residence permit and local residents, they are not very different. The only thing - "guests" can not participate in the political life of the country. Nevertheless, it is necessary to be prepared for several pitfalls so that they do not come as a surprise.

If you plan to drive a car, then it is advisable to carefully examine the traffic rules, the rules are strict, and their violation costs a lot of money.

It is necessary to study in advance the legal framework of this country in order to know the rights and obligations. The laws of the country are loyal to immigrants, but there are always nuances.


 It was mentioned above that a citizen of another country who arrived on a visa can apply for a residence permit for up to a year and the right to further renewal. Foreigners must choose a type of residence permit. Living conditions in France depend on it.

For financially independent citizens

 Wealthy people choose this residence permit. It is necessary to clarify that it is prohibited to conduct professional activities with such a residence permit in France. The applicant must document their financial independence.

One of the opportunities to obtain a residence permit is to buy a property in France and then rent it out. Rental income will have to be documented, and they must be at least an average salary per month in the country. The acquisition of real estate itself is not a reason for issuing a residence permit.

The advantages of a residence permit for financially independent citizens are large. It is issued only ten days. After receiving the document, the person lives in the country for one year without additional financial costs. "Guest" is allowed to bring for cohabitation of children under the age of 25 years and parents over 65 years.

If you extend this residence permit for the next five years, the procedure for obtaining permanent residence, and then citizenship, will be much easier.

Residence permit by the registration of a representative office of the company

The first step is to register a representative office of a legal entity. Submit a full package of documents to the Immigration Office together with a request for a residence permit. The examination of documents takes place in several stages, first in the Office, then in the Department of Labor. After positive responses from both departments, a visa D is issued for a period of three months. “A seconded worker”, after arriving in France, at the Immigration Office receives a residence permit.

This method of legal stay in the country is remarkable in that a residence permit can be issued for a period of three years. “A seconded worker” has the right to transfer children under 25 years old and parents after 65, to be in the country year-round and carry on professional activities.

Residence permit for students

Foreign students enrolled in higher education institutions in France are obliged to receive a residence permit. In addition, this concerns not only Russians, but also citizens from the European Union who arrived in the country to study for a period of more than three months.

A residence permit for pensioners

 For registration of a residence permit, the authorities will require from applicants:

  • medical certificate, certificate of no criminal record;
  • documents about their own housing or rented for a long time in France, certificate of permanent source of income;

Residence permit for family reunification

Foreign nationals legally residing in France for more than 1.5 years and approved for the renewal of a residence permit have the right to reunite with spouses and minor children.


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