Financially independent citizens, retirees, real estate investments and electric vehicles

Portugal is a sunny country with low living costs, beautiful sunsets overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and tax optimization options.


Advantages of Portugal residence:

after 5 years, it is possible to obtain citizenship

regarding a Golden residence permit, it is compulsory to stay in Portugal for only 7 days for the first 2 years, 14 days in each subsequent

high passport rating

the opportunity to live, travel, do business in Portugal and in all countries of the Schengen area

interesting tax system

low cost of living


How to obtain a residence permit (residence permit) in Portugal:

Portugal's residence permit options:

1. Financially independent citizens

2. Residence permit for retirees

3. Golden visa, when investing in:

electric cars from 100 thousand euros

from 280 thousand euros


Value of Portugal residence:

Registration of residence permit for Pensioners for the whole family - 9 500 Euro *

Registration of a residence permit through Investments in Real Estate - 25,000 Euro **

* Not including renewals and applying for permanent residence after 5 years.

** Including all renewals and applying for permanent residence after 5 years.


Choice of Portugal residence permit:

Residence permit for financially independent citizens:

If there is passive income in the form of annuity, dividends from the ownership of financial instruments or other income that does not require being in the workplace, with the possibility of earning income remotely, the applicant has the right to apply for a residence permit in Portugal. Documenting the source of income and proving the possibility of obtaining funds outside their country of origin. It is important to understand that, in contrast to the Golden visa, to extend the status, you must stay in the country from 183 per year.

Residence permit for pensioners:

Suitable for retirees who want to meet old age on the sun-drenched white beaches with ocean views, mild climate and quality medicine. The amount of monthly income must be from 600 euros, an additional 400 euros for each family member. A pension certificate is required. Real estate purchased or rented is required.

Portugal Golden Visa:

Investment in electric vehicles:

The world has reached a new stage of development, looks at the world around it differently, takes care of nature, investigates options for reducing costs, and develops alternative energy sources. This trend also affected the automotive industry, in 2018 alone, the number of electric vehicles in the world increased to 6 million, in 2019 by another 35%. Investments in electric cars allow not only staying in trend and making money, but also getting a residence permit. The minimum investment amount is from 100 thousand euros, the yield is from 1%.

Investments in real estate:

For people tired of rented housing, who want to receive passive income and seek to obtain a residence permit while receiving income from 5% per annum. The program began working in 2012 and has already attracted more than 5 billion euros to the country. The minimum investment amount varies from 280 thousand euros to 500 thousand euros, depending on the age of the property and the location:

real estate from 280 thousand euros over 30 years old, in areas with a low population density,

real estate from 350 thousand euros - over 30 years old

real estate from 500 thousand euros - no restrictions.

At the time of submission of documents for a residence permit, the transaction for the purchase of real estate must be completed, and the applicant must present supporting documents (sale and purchase agreement, an extract of their register, etc.)

Residence permit application procedure:

Preparatory stage:

It is necessary to decide on the most suitable option for obtaining a residence permit, the specialists of our company will help with the choice and form a dossier, a basic package of documents:

valid international passport, the validity period of which corresponds to the validity period of the requested residence permit

internal or civil passport

In of Portugal

bank account in Portugal (it is possible to open it remotely)

confirmation of investment

no criminal record

Applying for a Portuguese residence permit:

It is possible to submit documents for obtaining a residence permit in Portugal remotely to the SEF Migration Service, the processing time for the application is 30-90 days. After receiving approval from SEF, the applicant must fly to Portugal to submit biometric data and receive an ID card.


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