Realty Antigua & Barbuda #41

Share of Tolumnia Orchids | Price: 220 000 USD

Size: 30 m2

Share of Tolumnia Orchids + Citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda is a small picturesque state located in the east of the Caribbean.

If you are thinking about purchasing real estate in a paradise, then Antigua and Barbuda is 100% suitable for this purpose. Virgin bays, capes, emerald greenery - you can get all this in such a cozy state as Antigua and Barbuda. Did you know that by purchasing real estate in Antigua and Barbuda, you will have the opportunity to obtain citizenship of this stunning paradise state.

Take a look at the Tolumnia Orchids. A chic boutique complex that includes two incredible houses with luxurious refurbishment. The houses are fully furnished with unique pieces of furniture and decor and are ready for a fulfilling life. The location of the complex is no less gorgeous. From the hill on which it is located, you can observe the stunning national park and the endless sea.

And if earlier you thought that you would not be able to pick up something worthwhile for yourself, because most likely you have not heard anything for Antigua and Barbuda, then throw these thoughts out of your head. The views from anywhere in the beautiful country called Antigua and Barbuda are simply dizzying. Hurry up to buy a share in this hotel and do not miss the chance to start a new life.

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Programs of residence permit, permanent residence and second citizenship

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Antigua & Barbuda


  • Caribbean, Islands between the Caribbean Sea and the North Altantic Ocean, southeast of Saint Kitts & Nevis


  • Saint John’s


  • UTC -4

Total area

  • 443 sq. km

Age demographics

  • 0-14: 24.3%, 15-24: 16.8%, 25-54: 42.6%, 55-64: 8.9%, 65: 7.3%


  • English (official), local dialects


  • Протестанты 76.4%, Католики 10.4%, другие Христиане 5.4%, Другие 2%, не религиозные 5.8%

Goverment type

  • Constitutional monarchy with a parliament system of government and Commonwealth realm


  • East Caribbean dollars (XCD), tied to USD