We are glad to collaborate with experts in second citizenship and business immigration, and also with everyone interested to offer to their customers something more.

Travel agents, visa offices, law firms, lawyers and agencies of overseas properties often become our new partners and friends. If your company provides such services, then you have own customer database, also you have part of loyal customers who confide and trust you. In this case, all that is left to do is to offer our services to your clients and the result will be guaranteed.

Because we are not intermediaries, and representatives of the governments of several countries on the execution of programs of second citizenship (we show our official licenses and statuses to you with pleasure) we can offer unique and highly profitable conditions for our partners and colleagues.  We have our employees who perform all the necessary work at the highest level in all countries where we offer obtaining the status of a residence permit and permanent residence. Because we are not intermediaries, we clearly understand the course of work with the Client, the business situation, and regularly inform our agents and clients about it, if such an agreement. 

We are ready to work completely under your brand or vice versa, we are ready to receive a client from you and do all the work ourselves. It all depends on your desire.

We can offer the most favorable conditions existing in the market for all countries in which we work.

It is comfortably to work with us:

Write us a request for cooperation as an agent, and we will send you the conditions of work with us.


For sale of your services:

We always try to sell services where our company is the primary source of these services, but always consider other options if they meet these requirements:

  1. Your services are legal, we reject all variants of illegal registration of citizenship of Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, we are sorry, but we want to work for many more decades and are not ready to work with these veiled and illegal programs.
  2. If you have a business immigration option, then we are ready to work only on a 100% postpayment based on the result of obtaining of the desired status (for example, a residence permit) by clients. We are not ready to work on payment for a part of the work, like registering a company, since it does not guarantee that our client will receive the status of a residence permit. Therefore, if you believe in yourself and your services - this should not be a problem.
  3. We categorically do not work on fake marriages, as they lead to blackmail and large lawsuits.
  4. We do not work on refugee status, since 95% will later receive a refusal to grant permanent residence status and will be sent home. Inventing a dossier is a fiction that all immigration workers are well aware of.

If you are ready to cooperate with us on our terms, after reading all the conditions, please contact us.