Realty Antigua & Barbuda #39

Rendezvous Bay | Price: 220 000 USD

Size: 30 m2

Buying property in Antigua and Barbuda


Buying real estate in Antigua and Barbuda is a great way to obtain citizenship of this independent state located on the islands of the same name in the Caribbean. To become the proud owner of the coveted second passport, it is enough to purchase a share of the object - a hotel or a hotel complex.

Your task is extremely simple - to acquire a wonderful house in the unique National Park of Antigua and Barbuda, recognized as one of the most beautiful in the whole world. All other concerns will be taken care of by the Rendezvous Bay community. Talented designers and builders will transform your home according to your preferences and wishes.

The luxury of privacy transforms a new home into a delightful hideaway


Rendezvous Bay is guided by design rules designed to maximize and harmonize architecture with the environment. Open spaces and terraces will allow you to admire the enchanting overflows of the ocean around the clock, feel the light breath of the tropical breeze and enjoy the rays of the setting sun.

Light architecture, home design, organic lines, unique aesthetics that promote relaxation and tranquility are at the heart of our principles of creating living spaces.

Every home in Antigua and Barbuda becomes a separate refuge, a timeless space where you can get away from all pressing problems for a long time and forget about troubles.

The prevailing low building density provides complete privacy. Design rules call for thoughtful division of space and placement of buildings at a sufficient distance from each other. This approach provides an opportunity to hide from prying eyes and have a great rest for every family, as well as have fun with friends and relatives.

Rendezvous Bay Charter Rules


Rendezvous Bay's team of unique properties in Antigua and Barbuda is committed to the Charter. This is a detailed set of rules, including principles for writing projects, regulatory mechanisms, methods of inspection of construction and decoration of premises, restrictions, cost estimates for all work, as well as information about the activities of the Homeowners Association. The final decisions are made by the Board of Directors.

The buyer of real estate in Antigua and Barbuda can purchase an existing finished project, modify the drawings according to preferences, or create their home from scratch with a like-minded architect. An individual project must fit into the general architecture of the island and comply with the Design Control Rules. The final version is approved by the Project Review Team.

To create the interior, you can assemble a creative team of local and international designers.

Construction in Antigua and Barbuda


Rendezvous Bay provides full customer construction warranty. Each client will receive a finished and arranged house on time, ready to move in. The construction team is responsible for each stage of work, performing all tasks quickly and efficiently.

Our team effectively cooperates both directly with the owner of the house and with his invited representative, correcting all the details and wishes. Local contractors are recruited on a competitive basis.

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Programs of residence permit, permanent residence and second citizenship

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Antigua & Barbuda


  • Caribbean, Islands between the Caribbean Sea and the North Altantic Ocean, southeast of Saint Kitts & Nevis


  • Saint John’s


  • UTC -4

Total area

  • 443 sq. km

Age demographics

  • 0-14: 24.3%, 15-24: 16.8%, 25-54: 42.6%, 55-64: 8.9%, 65: 7.3%


  • English (official), local dialects


  • Протестанты 76.4%, Католики 10.4%, другие Христиане 5.4%, Другие 2%, не религиозные 5.8%

Goverment type

  • Constitutional monarchy with a parliament system of government and Commonwealth realm


  • East Caribbean dollars (XCD), tied to USD