Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Do you sell any online stores?

We sell ready-made online stores selling wine and alcohol, but we can make any online store to order.

What is your online store?

The online store that we will provide you is a ready-made kit, which includes the registration of a company in Europe, the creation of an Internet site for sale, connecting this site to a payment gateway, opening an account for the company, a complete store design, automatic filling with goods in case of creating a site for sale wine and alcohol.

Are there any additional payments when purchasing an online store from you?

Additionally, when choosing the jurisdiction of your company, it may be necessary to deposit the authorized capital of the company, which will remain in your account at your disposal after the company is registered.

How many owners can there be in an online store?

The new company will be the owner of the online store. Usually there are restrictions up to 50 founders at most in one firm, respectively, the number of owners is limited to this number.

What currencies can this online store accept?

All stores that we create are multicurrency. Customers from any country can pay for a product or service using their card or paypal.

Is it possible to accept cryptocurrencies for payment in an online store?

We can attach the possibility of payment in cryptocurrency to your online store, at this time it is in great demand.

Firms in which countries do you most often register for online stores?

Most often it is Slovenia, Croatia or Estonia.

What can an online store created by our order sell?

Any products permitted by law. To sell certain types of goods in some countries, a license is required.

What are the monthly payments required to maintain an online store?

The first is all expenses related to the maintenance of the company, such as paying for an accountant, legal address or office. Second - $ 29 monthly payment for an online store. The third is the advertising budget to promote your products.

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