Realty Saint Kitts & Nevis #16

Share of the Complex | Price: 220 000 USD

Size: 35 m2

Purchase of a share or a whole property in Saint Kitts and Nevis to obtain the status of a citizen of this state


A sugar plantation has been located on the site of this Saint Kitts and Nevis property for more than three hundred years. Absolutely every room in this property offers an incredible view of the island of Saint Kitts and Nevis. There is a beach all around the hotel. On its territory there is a bar, cabins where you can change clothes, as well as free hammocks. There is a luxurious restaurant in the immediate vicinity of the pool. In this restaurant, you can feel the rhythm of Saint Kitts and Nevis. It serves some of the finest food on the island of Saint Kitts and Nevis.

This hotel is the perfect blend of a tranquil environment with a creative approach to the cuisine of Saint Kitts and Nevis.

Premier classrooms are huge. Their interior is made in the best Arab traditions.

It's the perfect balance


Between comfort and open life. The rooms, called "plantations", reflect the light of the sea. The veranda itself offers a magnificent view of the coast. Those numbers that belong to the luxury class are called green. These rooms have two levels. They consist of a living room as well as a bedroom, which has an open plan. Tamarind Villa is a cottage with high ceiling beams. Small houses are ideal for families or groups of friends.

How to obtain citizenship by investing money in real estate objects


You can get the citizenship of this country if you invest in real estate. However, only to those of them that have already received the approval of the government of this country.

Such real estate objects will be apartments in condominiums, villas, as well as shares in hotels. The minimum investment in real estate that is required to obtain citizenship of this country is two hundred thousand US dollars for the main applicant.

When applying for citizenship by investing in real estate, a state duty is also charged for verification and processing. The amount of the state fee is seven and a half thousand US dollars for the main applicant and four thousand US dollars for everyone who is a dependent on the applicant and has reached the age of sixteen. If the application for obtaining the citizenship of this country by investing in real estate is pre-approved, then the principal applicant will be charged a sum of thirty-five thousand US dollars. From the spouse of the main applicant, a sum of twenty thousand US dollars. Any other dependent on the main applicant, regardless of age, a sum of ten thousand US dollars.

There is the possibility of accelerating the acquisition of citizenship of this country by investing money in real estate. Procedure 60 days:


This procedure was introduced by the government of the country in October two thousand and sixteen. A person who acts as an applicant must meet absolutely all the requirements established by the government of this country. It will also be obliged to provide the necessary documentation. The main distinguishing features of the procedure for obtaining citizenship

The distinctive features of the procedure for obtaining citizenship of this country include the following:

There is simply no tax on world income;
the possibility of registration of a parent who has reached the age of fifty-five years, as well as children in care, whose age
is no more than thirty years;
remote registration of the application is possible. Passport registration is carried out within ten months;
to obtain citizenship, you can have absolutely no education;
no need for an interview;
no need to reside permanently on the territory of the state.
However, the procedure for obtaining the citizenship of this country by investing funds in real estate also has

Certain disadvantages. These include the following:

The investment in real estate is high.
But there are undoubtedly more advantages to the procedure for obtaining citizenship of this country than disadvantages. Therefore, it makes sense to arrange it by investing in various real estate objects. Recently, there has been an interest from nonresident citizens to this place.

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Saint Kitts & Nevis


  • Caribbean, islands in the Caribbean Sea, about one-third of the way from Puerto Rico to Trinidad and Tobago


  • Basseterre


  • UTC -4

Total area

  • 261 sq. km

Age demographics

  • 0-14: 21.4%, 15-24: 15.4%, 25-54: 45.1%, 55-64: 10.2%, 65+: 7.8%


  • English (official)


  • Anglican, Other Protestant, Roman Catholic

Goverment type

  • Parliamentary democracy and Commonwealth realm


  • East Caribbean dollars (XCD), tied to USD