Realty Montenegro #53

Investment in Durmitor Hotel & Villas | Price: 250 000 EUR

Size: 33 m2

Resort Montenegro: hotel in Zabljak Durmitor Hotel & Villas


Montenegro is an amazingly beautiful country with crystal clear sea, fresh air, magnificent landscapes. On its territory there is an equally beautiful corner of nature, with alpine landscapes, magnificent flora and fauna - the Durmitor National Park. In the heart of this natural wonder, not far from the famous Crno Jezero (Black Lake), Durmitor Hotel & Villas has begun the grandiose construction of an exclusive resort. The project includes a hotel of the same name and adjoining mountain villas. It is the first upmarket five-star hotel in the north of the country to expand tourism destinations.

Complex infrastructure


The hotel and the adjacent villas are a kind of exclusive highlight of the northern part of the country. The official opening of this complex is scheduled for May 2022. The project will be reproduced according to the architectural concept of the famous historical predecessor "Durmitor", taking into account its specifics. At the same time, the new, five-star hotel will be much more attractive, especially for lovers of alpine tourism.

The construction of the modern complex began in 2019. According to the plan, the hotel infrastructure includes:

55 luxurious luxury units;
13 exquisite five-star mountain pitchforks;
health Center;
SPA complex;
several restaurants with gourmet cuisine;
conference room with meeting room,
and much more. The interior of the complex will be improved, completely modernized using innovative technologies, bold design solutions, modern luxurious materials.

Location and transport interchange


As mentioned above, the famous complex is located in the northern part of the country, on the outskirts of the city of Zabljak, on the territory of the mountain-forest landscapes of the Durmitor Park. Not far from the complex is the amazingly beautiful lake Crno Jezero, with unusual landscapes and natural luxury. This is one of the most popular reservoirs in Montenegro, with a developed infrastructure, which is suitable for rafting, hiking, mountaineering, or skiing.

The resort has good transport links:

The E65 road is the main transport link that connects Zabljak with the rest of the country, including Podgorica. In addition, there is a highway connecting the resort with the west of the country, which passes through the towns of Shavnik and Niksic to Risan, or Podgorica.
Zabljak Airport. Serves nearby towns such as Niksic, Pljevlja, others. The airport is operated by civilian airlines on an ongoing basis.
In addition, only three to four hours' drive from Zabljak are the airports of Podgorica and Tivat, from which there are regular flights to all European countries.

Montenegrin passport for a share in a hotel


Today the hotel and Villa Durmitor Hotel is an opportunity to obtain citizenship and become the owner of real estate in Montenegro. The investor can become the owner of 1/10 of the share of one and 13 mountain villas "Durmitor".

Under the terms of the investment program, in order to become the owner of real estate in Montenegro in Villa Durmitor Hotel, the investor must make a non-refundable contribution of € 100,000 and invest € 250,000 for the development of the project. If the applicant's relatives want to become participants in the program, an additional fee will have to be paid: for an individual application — 15,000 Euros, for a family of no more than four people — 10,000 Euros, over 4 people - 50,000 Euros.

By becoming a participant in the investment program for a country's passport, the investor will receive:

citizenship of the country (within 6 months);
live by the sea, enjoying the purity and beauty of nature;
travel without a visa in the Schengen area;
decent annual income from hotel profits;
the opportunity to sell the stake in Villa Durmitor Hotel in 5 years.
If you want to become the owner of elite, profitable real estate, you should take into account the fact that the program is designed for only three years, and the limit for participation in the project is limited. At the same time, there are more than enough people willing to take part in profitable investments for citizenship. Therefore, you should think about filing an application now.

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