Realty Dominica #27

Share of Anichi Resort & Spa | Price: 220 000 USD

Size: 35 m2

Dominica real estate - Buying apartments and shares in Dominica

Price: $ 220,000

Anichi Resort & Spa is a member of the Autograph Collection, the premium brand of Marriott International. The hotel complex is a first-class environmentally friendly property that meets elite quality standards. The purchase of shares or apartments without ownership is available to individuals or through their own company. The hotel is approved by the government of the country and participates in the Citizenship by Investment program.

The hotel fully reflects the cultural characteristics of Dominica and its population. Tranquility and picturesque landscapes are perfectly combined with outdoor activities and a storm of emotions awaiting tourists. Anichi Resort & Spa properties retain their uniqueness and individuality, providing guests with a relaxing atmosphere and a reunion with the island's nature.

Anichi Resort & Spa on map

Anichi Resort & Spa is located next to the colorful Picard Beach in Dominica. Picturesque landscapes annually attract tourists from all over the world to this place. The luxurious nature of the island is perfectly combined with the modern architecture of the hotel. Unique layouts of apartments and other buildings on the territory of the complex meet international standards and are created by professionals.

Spa Hotel Anichi contains everything you need for a quality holiday. The property consists of 128 suites located on 12 private acres. There are various restaurants and bars, private pools and lounges for relaxation. Also at the disposal of vacationers there is a spa oasis, a fitness room and other places to relax. Hotel guests will definitely find something to their liking.

Anichi Resort & Spa is part of the Autograph Collection, making it more attractive for investment. It is a reliable business that will not only allow the owner to obtain Dominica citizenship, but also become a member of a lucrative project. It is a universal asset for the owner, which is approved by the authorities of the country to acquire citizenship through the purchase of real estate.

Features of the hotel complex

There are swimming pools, elite restaurants and bars on the territory. A spa center and a fitness room are at guests' disposal.

The Anichi Resort & Spa complex includes rooms of various types:

Suites with 1 or 2 rooms,
Presidential suite,
Suite rooms (comfortable rooms with separation of zones / availability of several rooms),
Luxury apartment with private pool.
On the territory there are both private and public swimming pools and recreation areas.

Advantages of the property:

Availability of quality restaurants and bars on the territory (including near the recreation areas and the pool),
Interesting decoration and design of premises,
Fitness center for vacationers in the hotel, as well as a spa oasis, made according to world requirements with a wide range of services,
Possibility to practice various water sports,
Business center and conference rooms.
Get details on ownership and citizenship of Dominica

Our experts can tell you in detail about all the advantages of owning an object, as well as help in the preparation of documents for citizenship. This project is approved by the government of the country, which allows not only to receive income from the hotel, but also to become a citizen of the state of Dominica. The main applicant can also apply for citizenship for spouse, children and dependent parents.

Anichi Resort & Spa: Guest Room

Oriental Developers (Caribbean) Ltd sells first class properties. This is a great option for those who want to obtain Dominica citizenship and the corresponding rights as a citizen of the country. For applicants, there are two options for obtaining citizenship: buying preferred shares or purchasing apartments.

Preference shares

Minimum purchase price to qualify for paperwork: $ 220,000.

After the acquisition of shares, the owner receives official documents on the ownership of the object. The holders of preferred shares have a higher priority in the distribution process than the holders of ordinary shares. However, the owner does not have the right to participate in the affairs of the company.

Freehold Suites

Oriental Developers (Caribbean) Ltd. there are 2 types of suites: Calypso Suites and Swim-up Suites. The price of the Suite Swim up is 320 thousand, the Calypso Suite is 300 thousand dollars.

Getting the maximum income from the object

The owners of the apartments and the shareholders of the company can stay on the territory of the hotel for two weeks each year. However, access to the resort is open for a certain period. The property in Dominica includes a rotation of divisions, so the hotel may be partially closed and unavailable for residence during certain periods. Each of the subdivisions of the hotel complex equally participates in the system.

Benefits for the property owner

The owner has the right to reside on the territory of the complex for 2 weeks a year. If it is necessary to sell blocks of shares, the owner receives the help of specialists in order to get profit from the transaction.

Acquisition of citizenship by investment

The owners of preferred shares, as well as the owners of apartments in Anichi Resort & Spa, are included in the system of obtaining citizenship of the country. By applying for documents, the owner can obtain citizenship. In addition to citizenship itself, the main applicant claims a free driver's license and tax ID. The acquisition of other documents is provided upon receipt of a certificate of naturalization and a citizen's passport and may include a small fee.


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  • Caribbean, Islands between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, about half way between Puerto Rico and Trinidad and Tobago


  • Roseau


  • UTC -4

Total area

  • 751 sq. km

Age demographics

  • 0-14: 22.1%, 15-24: 16.7%, 25-54: 41.5%, 55-64: 9.2%, 65+: 10.4%


  • Английский (официальный), Французский разговорный


  • Roman Catholic 61.4%, Protestant 20.6%, Jehovah's Witnesses 1.2%, other Christian 7.7%, Rastafarian 1.3%, other or unspecified 1.6%, none 6.1%

Goverment type

  • Parliamentary democracy


  • East Caribbean dollars (XCD), tied to USD