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Price: $220 000

It is very easy to obtain Grenada citizenship!


You just need to purchase a share of a comfortable gated complex on a tropical island in the gentle Caribbean Sea.

This luxury residential complex in Grenada is located next to the Hindu Sanctuary on a sun-shining Fiji beach. The secluded gated residence covers a total area of ​​2.8 hectares. Exquisite villas, comfortable condominiums and exotic bungalows stand amidst picturesque surroundings. The yoga pavilion and conference room has everything you need to organize delicious meals and fun parties. Structures in Grenada are impressive with thoughtful planning and communications. Life in this oasis will be comfortable and measured, like in a premium hotel.

Relaxing in an unparalleled relaxing environment in Grenada can be diversified by walking along a private road to the fantastic 245 meters long beach and equipped pier.

While here, you will find that the days are not just passing by. Real estate in Grenada seems to be created for people who want to take the maximum of unforgettable impressions from life. Every day in the Caribbean is filled with exciting adventures. But after an exciting adventure, you will need a good rest, and for this, idyllic real estate in Grenada is the best fit.

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